Sigh. Well, I just can't get enough of all this gorgeousness.

Karen has been one of my best friends since the 2nd grade. We have grown up and been through most of our lives together, so this session is extra close to my heart. Junior has been by Karen's side (our shall I say our side?) for 10+ years. We have a pretty big group of girl friends, so I give him a lot of credit for being around so long. And now this perfect little couple is coming up on their two year wedding anniversary. These two were so clearly meant for one another. They are exactly the same and totally opposite, so ya know... it works. Take for example, when going for a night out, I could give Karen 30 minutes notice and she would be at my doorstep. Well, that is if she wasn't waiting on Jr to finish getting all cute! So, add another 30 to that and then we out (but we still love you Jr). 

This little baby is so long over due! Most of the comments from friends on these photos will say "it's about time!" or "10 years later!" Haha. Baby Julian we are all so excited for your arrival. We know you will be in the very best hands, especially since your mommy is a nurse. You will always be protected and loved unconditionally. You will have more family then you could ever imagine. 

We began this session in a cozy room, then went off to catch the sunset after a rainy day at Riverbed Park in Jupiter, FL. (mommy and I did something funny that we can't say online, but I'm sure you'll hear the story one day). Baby Julian must love the outdoors, because he was wiggling around like a worm. Then we all went home to rest and we were back at it in the early am. We chased the sun to the Boynton Inlet and were just in time for sunrise and it was a beautiful one. 

Every sunrise is a new beginning and baby Julian is just that for all of us. We will be patiently waiting for you sweet boy.

Oh! and daddy just couldn't resist being at the beach without fishing, but he did catch a little something. You'll know all about that soon enough. And mommy couldn't resist a handstand.