Turning 15 is always a BIG deal! Especially when you are as amazing as Ariadne. She's sweet, smart and so beautiful. 

When Ariadne's mother reached out to me about doing her quince photos I was so excited! I don't get to work with teens often, but I knew this would be so much fun. And it was just that. FUN!  

We made our way over to Palm Beach Island for a laid back, casual photo session. The sky was nice and bright blue, but come on this is Florida we're talking about. The weather held up just long enough for us to get some great shots in and then the rain followed as we ran to our cars. Ariadne was a breeze to work with, but not everything was as perfect at her. We are clearly both scaredy-cats because a police officer walked directly towards us and we both looked at each other and asked "ahhh what could we possibly be doing wrong?" Then he advised us to leave immediately. . . But it turns out it was all just a joke. He was off work and just wanted to have some fun messing around with us. Next, we grabbed some adorable 1 & 5 balloons to use during the shoot and our 5 blew away with the wind. Not far though, it hung out in the power lines just to tease us. And we didn't think shooting with a 1 would do us any good, so we scratched that idea LOL. But regardless of any obstacles we had a blast shooting and I got to showcase this awesome young lady!

Happy 15th Birthday!