To my very low-key one that will want to kill me for making him the center of attention. You somehow manage to so gracefully deal with me through all my road rage, obsessive cleaning and late night spurts of random thoughts that arrive in my brain. You hate most of the music I blast, so you make up ridiculous words to keep yourself entertained (usually about food) LOL. You even think you could make some sort of career out of it.

If you know Julian, you know debate is always near. And sarcasm, but mostly debate. We spend countless hours at the dinner table voicing our different opinions, but listening and attempting to understand each others...(I know, I know, yours is always the right one). Then we usually get side tracked and end up talking about the universe, which we typically agree on.

When we met you said you would spend however long it took for me to realize that you were different and had my back. I have always appreciated that so much. And although I may be stubborn, I always knew you were.

You pick me up when I'm down. Believe in me when I doubt. And always put me first (especially when it comes to food).

So, what I'm really trying to say here is... Dang, you have successfully dealt with me for 6 whole years. You are a real trooper and deserve all the praise ;P

I love you, Happy Anniversary!