It's official! Say hello to Mr & Mrs Robinson!

From lots of happy tears to bride & groom cornhole, this beautiful wedding day was filled with so much love and joy! Jason and Lauren tied the knot on a gorgeous private residence in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, where they were surrounded by their closest friends and family.

Just a little bit of background info: Lauren & Jason first met at a singles meet-up and chatted a little bit, but decided (or so they thought) that that was that. It wasn't until a while later that the two saw each other again and SURPRISE, instantly connected! Funny how life & timing work. And now, the way that they look at each other, ughhh it will just melt your heart. I have known Lauren a long time & I have never seen her smile so big & bright. They are just absolutely perfect for one another!!

So much special preparation went into planning their big day, but the wedding day felt so effortless and relaxed. The weather was amazing! The ceremony made me cry behind my lens, dinner was spot on and dancing was such a blast. Two families so genuinely became one and everything was just a dream!

I am honored to have captured all the sweet love & happiness of their special day!

Congratulations! #herestoyourobinsons