Cancun, Mexico. Land of tequila, tacos and in this case, one awesome destination wedding. But before we start sipping margaritas, lets rewind a bit.

I first met Stephanie over a year ago while shooting a wedding. She was doing the brides makeup [Side note: she's freaking AH-mazing, GO FOLLOW HER IG @makeupbyfurby]. We chatted a little about how she had recently become engaged and exchanged info. Soon after, she reached out to me about her ideas for an engagement shoot. Automatically, I knew I would enjoy this couple because they were creative and brought ALL the swag. So, we shot their engagement session, incorporating their "See You in Mexico" sign; they were planning a destination wedding at NOW Sapphire in Cancun, Mexico! Soon after, I received an email from Stephanie. "Gina! What do we have to do to bring you to Mexico?" MEXICO?! I was honored and so excited and the next thing you know I was printing out my boarding pass and packing my bags.

Okay, so I know people say that theres NO such thing as perfect, but in this case I really beg to differ. Danny and Stephanie are theee PERFECT bride & groom! PERFECT, PERFECT!! They have good taste, they're super fun, easy-going and most importantly they recognized that love was the most important thing on there wedding day, not stressing out over the small stuff.

Fifty of their closest friends and family jumped on planes to witness them tie the knot. Their families are so warm & welcoming, I walked in and out of the wedding feeling like I was a part of the fam! What made this destination wedding so special, was that it wasn’t only about the big day. The entire trip - start to finish - was a celebration of love. 

Since Stephanie was spoiled with a lot of pre-wedding fun, they decided to put a spin on the welcome party and focus in on Danny. They surprised him with a fancy gift for the wedding day and all of his friends made impromptu speeches; saying how awesome he is and how happy they were to be a part of their big day! Then, the electric lemonade shots rolled out, turning this into “Nacho Average Rehearsal Dinner”. 

The morning of the wedding started out so calm & beautiful. Guests lounged by the pool while the wedding party started prepping for the ceremony. I asked both Stephanie and Danny, already knowing the answer, if they were nervous. Neither one of them was nor had any reason to be - they're best friends and were excited to become husband and wife. They exchanged sweet notes and gifts one last time before becoming a married couple. 

Stephanie walked down the aisle looking GORGEOUS, smiling from ear to ear; and Danny, all handsome smiling back. The way they look at each other, there is no denying how in love they are. Watching them vow their love, ugh it could literally melt your heart.

Then, dark clouds rolled in and before we knew it our sunny afternoon turned into a rain storm. I mean a REALLY big one that wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. But, yet just another reason why this couple is so awesome… not even a downpour on their wedding day could phase them. Seriously, the chillest bride and groom ever? I think so. To them that just meant they got to join in on cocktail hour with the rest of the party. It's hard for most people to not be upset about that kind of rain on their wedding day, but they didn't let rain define their day, rather love. Pretty amazing attitude to have beginning a marriage, if you ask me.

Then on to the REAL celebration! Not only did it rain outside, but it "rained" inside as well. Rained money that is! I won't explain... I'll just let you see for yourself. The maid of honor and best man got the party started with glow sticks and whistles and the rest is history!

I can not even being to express my gratitude for being part of such a wonderful wedding, surrounded by beautiful, kind people.

P.S. - Stephanie and I figured out that we have just about everything in common, including the fact that neither of us curse, so I am convinced that we are long lost BFF's. This girl is seriously the BEST thing ever. I'm so blessed to have met her :)

Wishing the Azocar's soo much love & endless happiness!