Just the thought of Justin and Jessica makes me smile! I have flashback of Justin’s face when he got that first good look at his bride walking down the aisle. Ugh, priceless… I can’t picture either of them without smiles on their faces the entire wedding day. Well, except for when Justin read his insanely sweet vows and had every. single. person. crying. — but still, do those even count? They were happy tears after all.

The Wanderers Club in Wellington, Florida was the most romantic location for Jessica and Justin to get married! Palm trees, pools, the golf course, beautiful terraces and gorgeous sunny weather. Could you ask for anything more? The grounds are pristine and felt like they were made just for them. Every detail was thoughtfully handpicked by the bride allowing their classy, yet laid back and fun vibe to shine through.

Surrounded by their closet friends and family they celebrated their love for one another. They are loved by so many and that showed from the size of their bridal party alone. They were blessed to share this special day with their son by their side as well. Baby Cam is just the sweetest boy and will one day grow up to realize what amazing, dedicated parents he has. Their families are full of love, fun and laughter. I couldn’t think of a more loving family to grow up with.

These two are everything bright and good in the world! When I think of Justin and Jess as a couple the words that comes to mind immediately are warm and welcoming. They share something so rare and when in their presence you can just feel it vibrating off of them. It feels like family. And as if you are a part of it.

Congratulations Mr + Mrs DeJesus! I know you will live a lifetime of happiness together!