When I think back to this wedding day the first word that comes to mind is happiness. I can see the ear to ear smiles in my head — the ones that make your cheeks hurt. This beautiful couple were nothing but sweet glances, soft kisses and those big ol’ smiles on their special day.

Erica + Gino have that dream love story that every high school-er imagines when they break up with their first love. “If it’s mean to be maybe one day we’ll be together again.” They were high school sweethearts that sadly parted ways, but their love was too strong to keep them apart forever. They happily found their way back to each-other and once they did, they knew the rest was history.

Erica and Gino said I do on the green golf course overlooking the lake at the Breaker’s West Country Club. They wanted be sure everyone knew how important they were to them, so they surrounded themselves with a large + super FUN bridal party. Their day was beautiful, but no wedding is perfect, right? Minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to being they realized their officiant never made it to the wedding. But no sweat, this wasn’t going to get them down. They rolled with punches and had a guest perform their ceremony, and it was raw and real. They laughed and cried and there was even a cute little tooshy squeeze.

Their love was well worth the wait! Now they have forever to spend together. I will continue to brag about these two for eternity. Erica + Gino are the sweetest two people you will ever meet and they are GORGEOUS! No, they are beyond gorgeous! They are like two puzzle pieces that fit just perfectly together.

Wishing nothing but the very BEST and for those big smiles to last a lifetime!