And the award for best personality goes to...THESE TWO!

Hurricane Irma hit Florida pretty hard and our beaches are not yet as clean and beautiful as they once were, but NOTHING could stop Martial and Heather from making their maternity photos gorgeous. I'm deeply honored to have met this amazing couple! They are sweet, fun and flirty! 

You know when you just know that you are in the presence of something pure and natural? Them. 100% them. They give you that feeling. Their happiness radiates out of them and onto you. It's a feeling that only love can make you feel and it's genuinely beautiful. 

Ohhh! And they can clearly bust a move! We had so much fun shooting effortless spins & dip. Heather is a dancer and it shows (even with a baby bump)!

Baby Matthais is due next month and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be the most loved baby around. Ugh... and such a perfect name. These two have it all down!

PS - Not even ONE laugh was artificial!

Wishing this family all the happiness in the world - even though they already have it :)