Waking up for a sunrise maternity session to find every weather obstacle could dampen the mood for some, but not for this couple. The morning started out with rain, unusual wind gusts, more rain and then ended with just a little bit of sunshine. Girls with hair everywhere can attest that wind is not your friend while having your photo taken. lol They educated me that their engagement, wedding and now maternity photos were all bad weather. As you can imagine, this broke my heart, because how unfair to never get a beautiful sunny day. So, we contemplated rescheduling, but ultimately decided to power through with a little bit of patience. That is why strength is the first word that comes to mind when I think of Jamil + Katherine. Literally nothing could rain on their parade, not even RAIN ya’ll. All that mattered was them being there together, having fun and dancing in the rain. They were strong, unbelievably patient and smiled through it all. I can feel in my heart that that is a reflection of who they are as a couple.

I asked Jamil how they met and I just couldn’t stop awwwww’ing. So they knew a mutual friend and were at a party together, but they didn’t talk. Not because they were shy, but because they actually couldn’t understand each other. Katherine only spoke Spanish and he only spoke English. So you know what’s coming next right? Guess what he did guys? He learned Spanish to be able to communicate with her! And then she learned English. Seriously, the cutest, most genuine love story.

I feel truly blessed to have met these two + had the opportunity to capture their very sweet maternity session. This is exactly the type of story that fuels my passion for capturing love stories through photography. So excited for their growing family!