Ekkkk.. Working with these two is always so much fun! I hope to never run out of reasons to photograph them. From bridal shower, to gender reveal (it's a BOY) and now maternity photographs, Melissa and Glen are just a joy. Glen is creative and has lots of ideas, and as you'll see...a little goofy. And Melissa is just, ugh... the sweetest thing ever! Ever, EVER.

My favorite, most heart warming part of this shoot was witnessing the love these two share. They probably didn't even realize how adorable they were being, but every time I went to photograph Melissa alone, Glen moved out of the photo, but not very far. He stood right there by my side (or in front of me LOL) snapping adorable photos of his beautiful wife on his cell phone. Although, I had to scoot him a couple times (kidding) it was just so unbelievably adorable to see how much he adores her. Clearly, I am a sucker for love stories and these high school sweet-hearts have such an undeniable one.

I am so excited for this new chapter of their lives together. Baby Oliver will surely be surrounded by lots of love and plenty of super heroes!