We took a quick boat ride over to Munyon Island for Chris and Nicholes maternity session. It only took us 2 minutes of chatting before I knew I loved Nichole. She is kind and sweet. She's one of those people that you know deserves so much good in life. And Chris is just as sweet. He contacted me weeks ago to plan the perfect date & location to surprise his wife with this maternity shoot. Nichole told me he surprised her while she was doing the dishes & was so excited! These two remind you that there are still real, romantic, loving people out there with big hearts!

When we arrived to the island I automatically fell in love with every inch of it. I could have spent all day capturing their love & excitement for their first baby. They even had the most adorable decal made for the boat, with the name of the baby, Charlie Mae...which is now also the name of the boat! SOOO adorable.

During the shoot Nichole expressed something so simple, but so meaningful. She said that I made her feel so comfortable. I am beyond grateful for those words, because I aim for that feeling. It sounds so small, but means so much. I strive to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible, but it isn't always cake. Sometimes when clients struggle with comfort warming up I think to myself "it's just me, be yourself, laugh, spin, do jumping jacks...I don't judge - I promise, the weirder the better." LOL I just want everyone to feel their best, so that who they are shines through. Lucky for me these two were naturals. 

Another thing I noticed about Nicole was that during our 2 hours of conversation together I heard her say how grateful she was for so many different things in life. And each time she said it, it melted my heart more. It's amazing to be in the presence of someone who acknowledges and appreciates so deeply. I wish we all spent more time being grateful. 

With that being said - my gratitude list today definitely involves Chris & Nichole. I am so happy to have met these two & captured this sweet baby bump <3