This stunning summer engagement session was nothing short of a fairytale, full of inspiration. Stephanie and Danny are such a gorgeous couple. Not only are they beautiful on the outside, but they are so kind and fun on the inside as well. The couple recently became engaged and are planning a fun destination wedding in Mexico! 

We started this session in the middle of the Okeeheelee Bike Trail in West Palm Beach, FL. Stephanie has great taste and chose the location of the bike trail and mixed it with formal attire, creating the perfect juxtaposition - which turned this session into something magical. Every laugh, spin and touch looked like something out of a Disney movie. After the magic began we made our way to Witches Wall on Palm Beach Island. We didn't get to see any scary witches, but we did get to use the allegedly haunted dungeon as a backdrop. Here the couple were able to step into something a little more comfortable and cozy up near the chaotically intertwined wall of tree roots (which if you haven't seen is amazing!). 

Shout out to Stephanie's adorable sisters who were 100% there for all her needs (down to bug spray) and so helpful (bug spray for me too)!