I had the pleasure of photographing the most GORGEOUS couple's engagement session recently! Robinson and Catherine are from New York and left the cold behind to cuddle up and dance around in the warm Florida weather.

Catherine told me all about the sweet proposal story, so I must share. When Robinson proposed back in July it was a beautiful sunny day in New York. THEN as soon as he gave his speech, out of no where, it started raining. THEN the second he got on his knee and popped the question it just STOPPED raining. Ummm... perfect, adorable timing? I think so!

Robinson's mother prayed over them and explained that she understood all the rain as blessings pouring on them and that is was a great sign for their marriage. Now these two have an awesome rain or shine wedding theme and what better way to describe a relationship, because, after all that's what it's all about - hence, the umbrella. But wait, it gets better! To back that story up, we shot their engagement photos near the beach on a bright, SUNNY day and guess what? About half way through the session, while we were shooting with the umbrella we got the PERFECT little sun shower! Now that's a sign, or actually a double sign!

Wishing them all the happiness in the world!