I love when I can feel pure love jumping out at me right off the bat. Kaelan + Summer are such an amazing, playful couple and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph their gorgeous engagement session. Scrolling through Instagram one afternoon, I saw that Summer got engaged, and something in my heart told me that I needed to capture their love. Lucky for me, Summer reached out + we got to make it happen!

I’m always a sucker for hearing how my couples met, so I’ve just got to share it with you all. These two babes met in college in North Carolina. They knew some mutual friends and ended up sitting near each other at a volleyball game. But that didn’t mean they communicated. lol They didn’t even speak to each-other the entire game. Later that night, they happened to end up at the same party and somewhere along the line, Summer happily decided she would be Kaelan’s designated driver. Aw! Looks like she cared for him immediately and hasn’t stopped since. Now they have decided to turn their sweet college relationship into the beautiful new journey of marriage.

Cloudy, sunny + extra moody, we got to shoot through a typical Florida day and it was just perfect! We danced on the beach, popped a little Champagne to celebrate and got playful + cozy on a rooftop.

Cheers to Kaelan + Summer on their upcoming wedding this Halloween in North Carolina (I know, so cool, right?). You guys will make the most stunning bride + groom!