Jake + Nikki are ENGAGED and I am soooo excited for them! I met super sweet Nicole at the gym pre covid. Wow, when I say that it feels like those times were so long ago. She was always so friendly and polite, and at some point we became friends on Instagram. Nikki is an extremely motivating fitness coach and just a boss babe in general (go follow her on IG for inspiration @lebriafitness)!

I got to know her and her sister while working together on a fitness shoot. We're all pretty dorky, so we clicked righty away. We started chatting about life and how my now husband took forever to propose to me and Nikki said she had me beat because she had been with Jake since high school. Ever since it's been an ongoing thing where I check in here and there and see if by any chance he popped the question yet.

"Any ring?" was the message I happened to DM her while they were off on a beautiful trip for Nicole's Birthday. Her reply was a simple "hehe." Then a day or two had passed and she posted a photo of her gorgeous ring at sunset and I was just over the moon happy for them! It just so happened that I sent that message the same day they got engaged. I like to believe my persistent vibes helped. lol

We shot their engagement session at Blowing Rocks in Jupiter, FL. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I finally got to meet Jake. He felt like the PERFECT puzzle piece to Nikki. I think they both thought they were going to get away with being shy during the shoot, but that went out the window in minutes. They were so fun and down for whatever, and we all know that's my dream couple! We made Jake get in a good workout with all the spinning, lifting + running around. Overall it was such a blast capturing the BIG love these two share.

Congratulations guys! xO